Surfing Information

Surf only at designated surfing beaches as announced on the radio and as posted in area surf shops. You must use an ankle leash that is tethered to you and the board at all times.

The Ocean City Beach Patrol starts guarding the 10 miles of beach the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. The beaches are guarded seven days a week through Sunfest weekend, which is usually the third weekend following Labor Day in September. The beach patrol is on duty every day from 10:00am to 5:30pm; at 5:25pm you will see the lifeguards signaling everyone out of the ocean.

Sign Up for Surfing Notifications

The rotating surfing beach will be established on a daily basis and marked at both the north and south boundary by a combination of Surf Beach Facilitator stands, flags and signs. The north boundary will be established approximately 50 yards north of the approved surfing beach street designation and will extend south to approximately 50 yards south of the street one block south of the approved designated surfing beach street.

Day Date South Surfing Beach North Surfing Beach Inlet Surfing Beach
Saturday July, 28 2018 32nd Street Quay (108) CLOSED
Sunday July 29, 2018 30th Street Marigot Beach (101) CLOSED
Monday July 30, 2018 28th Street Mid Plaza (97) OPEN
Tuesday July 31, 2018 26th Street 94th Street OPEN
Wednesday August 1, 2018 24th Street 92nd Street OPEN
Thursday August 2, 2018 22nd Street 90th Street OPEN
Friday August 3, 2018 20th Street 88th Street OPEN
Saturday August 4, 2018 18th Street 86th Street CLOSED
Sunday August 5, 2018 16th Street 84th Street CLOSED
Monday August 6, 2018 14th Street 82nd Street OPEN
Tuesday August 7, 2018 12th Street 80th Street OPEN
Wednesday August 8, 2018 10th Street 78th Street OPEN
Thursday August 9, 2018 8th Street 76th Street OPEN
Friday August 10, 2018 6th Street 74th Street OPEN
Saturday August 11, 2018 4th Street 72nd Street CLOSED
Sunday August 12, 2018 2nd Street 70th Street CLOSED
Monday August 13, 2018 North Division Street 68th Street OPEN
Tuesday August 14, 2018 65th Street 145th Street OPEN
Wednesday August 15, 2018  63rd Street 143rd Street OPEN
Thursday August 16, 2018  61st Street 141st Street OPEN
Friday August 17, 2018 59th Street 139th Street OPEN
Saturday August 18, 2018 57th Street 137th Street CLOSED
Sunday August 19, 2018 55th Street 135th Street CLOSED
Monday August 20, 2018 53rd Street 133rd Street OPEN
Tuesday August 21, 2018 51st Street 131st Street OPEN
Wednesday August 22, 2018 49th Street 129th Street OPEN
Thursday August 23, 2018 47th Street 127th Street OPEN
Friday August 24, 2018 45th Street 125th Street OPEN
Saturday August 25, 2018 43rd Street 123rd Street Conditionally OPEN
Sunday August 26, 2018 41st Street 121st Street  Conditionally OPEN 
Monday August 27, 2018  39th Street  119th Street  OPEN
Tuesday August 28, 2018 37th Street Fountain Head (117) OPEN
Wednesday August 29, 2018 35th Street High Point - North (114) OPEN
Thursday August 30, 2018 33rd Street  Capri (111)  OPEN
Friday August 31, 2018  31st Street  Mid Atlantis(102)  OPEN
Saturday September 1, 2018 29th Street  Century I(99) Conditionally OPEN
Sunday September 2, 2018  27th Street  Flying Cloud (95) Conditionally OPEN
Monday September 3, 2018 25th Street 93rd Street  Conditionally OPEN
Tuesday September 4, 2018 23rd Street 91st Street  OPEN
Wednesday September 5, 2018 21st Street  89th Street OPEN
Thursday September 6, 2018  19th Street  87th Street OPEN 
Friday September 7, 2018  17th Street  85th Street  OPEN
Saturday September 8, 2018 15th Street  83rd Street Conditionally OPEN 
Sunday September 9, 2018 13th Street  81st Street Conditionally OPEN
Monday September 10, 2018  11th Street  79th Street  OPEN 
Tuesday September 11, 2018  9th Street 77th Street OPEN
Wednesday September 12, 2018  7th Street  75th Street  OPEN
Thursday September 13, 2018  5th Street 73rd Street OPEN
Friday September 14, 2018 3rd Street 71st Street OPEN
Saturday September 15, 2018  1st Street 69th Street  Conditionally OPEN 
Sunday September 16, 2018  Caroline Street  67th Street Conditionally OPEN 
Monday September 17, 2018  66th Street  146th Street  OPEN
Tuesday September 18, 2018 64th Street  144th Street OPEN
Wednesday September 19, 2018  62nd Street 142nd Street OPEN
Thursday September 20, 2018 60th Street  140th Street  OPEN
Friday September 21, 2018  58th Street 138th Street  OPEN
Saturday September 22, 2018 56th Street  136th Street  Conditionally OPEN
Sunday September 23, 2018 54th Street 134th Street  Conditionally OPEN
Monday September 24, 2018  52nd Street 132nd Street  OPEN
Tuesday September 25, 2018 50th Street 130th Street OPEN 
Wednesday September 26, 2018  48th Street  128th Street  OPEN 
Thursday September 27, 2018  46th Street 126th Street OPEN 
Friday September 28, 2018  44th Street  124th Street  OPEN 
Saturday September 29, 2018 42nd Street  122nd Street OPEN 
Sunday September 30, 2018 40th Street  120th Street OPEN 
Monday October 1, 2018 Surfing ordinance goes out of effect until 2019