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Harpoon Hanna's

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Harpoon Hannas was built in 1983 by Mr. Frank Hanna. Over the past 30 years Harpoon Hanna's has been recognized for numerous awards including the prestigious "Top 100 Restaurants in the USA" by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine.

Harpoon Hanna's has a legendary reputation for serving the freshest fish and seafood available. Certified Angus beef, all-you-can-eat crab legs, baby back ribs, poultry, pasta and children's selections round out a menu built to satisfy your entire group. The past 30 years has brought many changes but one thing remains the same.   Harpoon Hanna's is a family restaurant. Our focus is to remain an affordable, casual restaurant while also offering the highest quality food and beverages available. Friendly and efficient service has been the foundation of our success and our management staff is always available for any suggestions or concerns.

(302) 539-3095

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