Disability Access


The Town of Ocean City is pleased to provide special bus service on the new handicap accessible Mini-buses. These buses have a seating capacity of 13 ambulatory and 2 wheelchair placements. Total funding for these vehicles was through an Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA Grant and replaced two older vans with half the capacity.

We offer "special pickups" with 24 hour advance notice. To schedule a pickup please call 410-723-1606.  Transportation Department hours of operations are 7 am to 4 pm daily until May 1.   Residents interested in using ADA-Paratransit services from 4 pm to 11 pm can call 410-723-1160. The call will be automatically forwarded to the van operator.  For more information on our ADA service or if you would like additional information on the Mini-Buses, please contact the Transportation Department at 410-723-1606


Beach wheelchairs are provided on the beach at certain locations by the Town of Ocean City and by private local businesses. When using one of the beach wheelchairs, it must be used within one block of where the chair is assigned and kept. Beach wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be returned by 5pm.

Beach Accesses with Beach Wheelchairs
  • Inlet Beach *

  • 1st St. & Boardwalk *
  • 7th St. & Boardwalk *
  • 27th St. & Boardwalk *
  • 30th St.  *
  • 40th St. *
  • 48th St. *
  • 59th St. *
  • 70th St. *
  • 81st St. *
  • 89th St. *
  • 94th St. *
  • 107th St. *
  • 120th St. *
  • 130th St. *
  • 139th St. *
  • 145th St. *

Beach wheelchairs are also available at the Ocean City Police Department (65th Street, bayside, 410-723-6610) and the Ocean City Visitors Center in the Convention Center (40th street, bayside, 410-289-2800) for one or multi-days of use by advance reservation, depending on availability, even after Labor Day.


Free parking in any space with handicap tag, except Inlet Lot.  Handicap parking in Inlet Lot is free for first 90 minutes, after which full time is charged.